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Dark Humor.



Things aren't going well for Detective Dana Moss. The pedophile she arrested was just released, Internal Affairs is questioning her about the disappearance of the drunk driver who killed her husband, and now, while investigating a male prostitute's murder, she may be sleeping with the killer. (AVAILABLE BOTH AS A SCREENPLAY & LIMITED SERIES) 


Ben Baronski, a numbed-out, Russian Roulette-playing detective, has no reason to live. That changes when he meets Veronica Cross, the enigmatic older woman who confesses to a murder she may not have committed.    (TV PILOT & SERIES BIBLE)  


 Allison Bennett, the pampered but unfulfilled wife of a corrupt real-estate tycoon, hires ex-priest-turned-PI Joe Blankenship to look for her ex-fiancé. Their search, which leads them into the gritty netherworld of San Francisco’s homeless, will change the course of both of their lives. (TV PILOT & SERIES BIBLE )  


Fresh out of college, a newly pregnant couple drain their savings to become landlords to wack-job tenants — one of whom might be a killer clown. (TV PILOT & SERIES BIBLE *Co-written with Zach Witt. 


When a Reality Star marries a convicted wife-killer as a publicity stunt, she never expects that he'll be            released from prison on a technicality.  Which one will survive? (SCREENPLAY)

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